At Hully Gully our team of dedicated professionals are pleased to be of service to you in ensuring your satisfaction in all we do.

Hully Gully is proud to be a family run company since 1971. From our sales team to our service team and everyone in between, we are a growing family that operates with a standard of values second-to-none! As a Hully Gully customer, you’re a guest in our Hully Gully home and as such we’ll treat you like family – We love when old friends come to visit and making new friends, so pop over to visit us in-store today!

Do you have a passion for powersports? Visit our Careers Page to join a winning team!

Let Us Introduce Ourselves…


Founder : Randy & Audrey Collins
Randy & Audrey Collins Employee Image
Name: Randy & Audrey Collins

Over 40 years ago we began our store on the basic principle of “treat people how you would like to be treated”. With firm conviction and dedication to best in customer service and building lasting relationships, we have been blessed both in family and in business.

General Manager

General Manager : Becky
Becky Employee Image
Name: Becky Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 118

Becky is a member of the Collins Family and has been in the business for over 30 years. Becky started riding dirt bikes and snowmobiling at a young age; it was a big part of growing up in her family! She also enjoys time on the water boating with her friends and family. “The best part about my job is helping people turn their dreams into reality!”

Fixed Operations Team Leader

Fixed Operations Team Leader : Gregg
Gregg Employee Image
Name: Gregg Phone Number: (519) 685-8045

Gregg is an avid boater and power sports enthusiast and has been with Hully Gully and the Collins family for over 20 years. Gregg loves to spend his time out on the water or at the cottage with his family. Gregg also looks after many of our marine water tests and Captains’ Deliveries and would be glad to show you around any of our boat lines!

Marine Sales Team

Marine Sales Team : Doug
Doug Employee Image
Name: Doug Phone Number: (519) 685-8045

Meet Doug Harrison our newest member in the marine department at Hully Gully. A lifelong Londoner and long time boater with a passion for being on the water.

Doug comes to us after a long career managing stores for a national menswear retailer.

Doug invites his past, present and future customers to drop into Hully Gully located at 1705 Wharncliffe Road S. London or call him at 519-685-8045. Toll free at 1-888-706-5436

“Love what you do. Do what you love”

Marine Sales Team : Dennis
Dennis Employee Image
Name: Dennis Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 106 Speciality: Boats, Outboards, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles & Fishing!

Dennis and has quite a few “tall tales” to tell about his fishing experiences! For Marine and expert fishing advice and knowledge, Dennis is the one to see! Dennis is a Princecraft Pro Staff Fishing Team Member!

Marine Sales Team : Mike
Mike Employee Image
Name: Mike Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 113 Speciality: Boats, Outboards, Personal Watercraft & Snowmobiles.

Mike has been the family Captain since the age of 14. Weekends are spent vacationing on the familys yacht. Mike is also a memeber of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron and Licensed via the safe boating course. For boating and Marine knowledge, Mike is the one to see!

Marine Sales Team : Glenn Metcalfe
Glenn Metcalfe Employee Image
Name: Glenn Metcalfe Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 115 Speciality: Boats, Outboards, Personal Watercraft & Snowmobiles.

Glenn comes to us from the music industry and if you ask him how he is, he’ll say he’s now “Livin’ the Dream”. He is an avid boater and scuba diver and is thrilled to be coming up on his first anniversary with Hully Gully. Glenn spends his free time on the water at his family cottage in Muskoka. He is also a memeber of the Hully Gully House Band and the South Western Ontario Divers Association.
Whether you and your family are in the market for a boat, waverunner, outboat motor, or snowmobile, Glenn would love to help you “Live the Dream” too!

Powersports Sales Team Leader

Powersports Sales Team Leader : Chuck
Chuck Employee Image
Name: Chuck Phone Number: (519)685-8045 ext 107 Speciality: Motorcycles, ATV's, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, Power Equipement

Chuck is a member of the Collins family was born into the business! With his roots in dirt bike racing and snowmobiling, you can see some of his trophy shots upstairs in our Varna Room! For trade appraisals and general sales inquires, Chuck knows these toys inside and out and is here to help turn your dream into a reality!

Powersports Sales Team

Powersports Sales Team : Colin
Colin Employee Image
Name: Colin Phone Number: (519) 685-8045

Colin is our newest addition to the Hully Gully Powersport Sales Team with over 25 years of retail sales experience.

Colin’s hobbies have always included motorcycles, boating and fishing.

Colin comes to work every day with enthusiasm and a dedication to turn your dreams into reality.

Powersports Sales Team : Roy
Roy Employee Image
Name: Roy

Roy returns to the Hully Gully sales team after spending 10 years exploring other interests including working a trainer for the Detroit Tigers farm team. Roy first got his start in racing dirt bikes, in fact his first race was against Chuck Collins when he was just 9 years old. Roy has a big passion for Motocross and if its dirt bikes you are looking for he is the one to talk to.

Powersports Sales Team : Rob
Rob Employee Image
Name: Rob Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext. 103 Speciality: Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles & Power Equipment

Rob’s been in the industry for well over 15 years and enjoy’s helping people find their perfect ride. Growing up in the Muskoka’s he was always hands on with powersports, riding with his friends, and looking for adventure.

Powersports Sales Team : Bob
Bob Employee Image
Name: Bob Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 108 Speciality: Motorcycles & ATV's

Bob came to the Collins Family of Companies in 2007. Bob has been in sales for over 30 years and prides himself in treating people the way he likes to be treated. Bob has many repeat customers and referral customers over the years and looks forward to serving you.

Powersports Sales Team : Jenn
Jenn  Employee Image
Name: Jenn Phone Number: (519)685-8045 ext 153

Jenn has been with Hully Gully since 2004 and loves helping people buy there dream bike, ATV, snowmobile or boat! Growing up in the country in Huron County and now living on a farm in Elgin County, Jenn has gained extensive knowledge over the years. She enjoys riding her ATV around the farm with the kids and taking nice country ride’s on her motorcycle.

Powersports Sales Team : Paul
Paul Employee Image
Name: Paul Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 152 Speciality: Motorcycles, ATV's, Dirt Bikes and Power Equipment

An avid rider himself, Paul is happy to help you find your new toy! Whether your fun happens on or off the road, the dirt or snow, Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry. Passionate about Power Sports, healthy living and always there to greet you with a pun; join Paul on one of our many group motorcycle rides!

Service Team

Service Team : Nick
Nick Employee Image
Name: Nick Phone Number: (519) 685 8045

Nick is our newest addition to the Hully Gully Service team. He comes from a background in customer service, hospitality management, and law enforcement prior to that. He’s an avid motorcycle rider, fisherman, and golfer. He’s always available to help you with your mechanical concerns, or to just talk bikes. When he’s not helping customers take care of their toys he’s spending time with his beautiful wife and child.

Service Team : Shaun
Shaun Employee Image
Name: Shaun Phone Number: (519) 685-8045

From his first dirt bike at 5 years old, to now: Shaun is an avide Boat, Bike, and ATV enthusiast.

Shaun has an extensive background in Service, for over 30 years, ranging from boats, bikes, RVs, cars & trucks.

His passion hobby is customizing vehicles.

Lastly, if Hully Gully sells it, Shaun has owned it.

Service Team : Doug
Doug Employee Image
Name: Doug Phone Number: (519)685-8045

Doug started with Hully Gully in October 2003. Doug is an expert when it comes to detailing, and getting your toy in tip top shape. If your looking to tidy up and put a shine on your baby, Doug is the man to take a shine too.

Service Team : Doug
Doug Employee Image
Name: Doug Phone Number: 519_ 685-8045 ext.116

Doug has over 25 years experience in the powersports industry, and was pleased to have joined the Hully Gully team in 2014.

Service Team : Scott
Scott Employee Image
Name: Scott Phone Number: (519)685-8045

Marine Service Technician

Service Team : Ryan
Ryan Employee Image
Name: Ryan

Here to help our Service Team with their everyday logistics, we are happy to have Ryan on our team.

Service Team : Mike
Mike Employee Image
Name: Mike Phone Number: (519)685-8045 Speciality: Powersports
Service Technician

Mike is a certified Motorcycle Technician and Centennial College Graduate who loves MotoCross and Street Bikes. Mike joined our Service Team in 2011 and is a great resource here at the store!

Service Team : Dale
Dale Employee Image
Name: Dale Phone Number: (519)685-8045 Speciality: Powersports and Marine
Service Technician

Dale joined Hully Gully in Feb 2007 and is MerCruiser Certified, a Silver Certified Yamaha Technician and marine & small engine licensed for 15 years.

Service Team : Bryn
Bryn Employee Image
Name: Bryn Phone Number: (519)685-8045 Speciality: Motorcycles, ATV's, Snowmobiles
Service Technician - Shop Team Leader

Bryn joined Hully Gully in Jan 2007 and has been an avid Hully Gully customer since the age of 15. Bryn is a Class A Licensed Mechanic since 1999 and is Honda & Yamaha dealer trained; specializing in engine, electrical diagnosis & repairs. Bryn has also obtained Yamaha SILVER Level Certification. Find him at the cottage in his spare time; enjoying offroading and time on the water with his family!

Parts Team

Parts Team : Kevin
Kevin Employee Image
Name: Kevin Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 122 Speciality: Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes & ATV

Kevin is a real asset to the Hully Gully parts team and is pleased to be of service to you.

Parts Team : Harris
Harris Employee Image
Name: Harris Phone Number: (519) 685-8045

Harris is a licensed Motorcycle, Automotive and Truck Technician and has been working in the Power Sports industry for 36 years. Harris traveled by motorcycle around the world and has lived on 3 continents! He is bilingual in English and Spanish – Si Habla Español! He has been with the Hully Gully team since 2004 and shares your passion for Power Sports!

Parts Team : Christine
Christine Employee Image
Name: Christine Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 146

Christine brought her marine knowledge to Hully Gully in 2005 and has gained extensive knowledge of all the toys we sell. She continues to supply parts to our service depatment as well as our regular customers!

Parts Team : Richard
Richard Employee Image
Name: Richard Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 112

Always ready to greet you with a smile, Richard has over 20 years experience working in the Motorcycle parts & accessories industry.
He’s been riding his whole life and loves taking his bike out whenever he can!

Parts Team : Eric
Eric Employee Image
Name: Eric Phone Number: (519) 685-8045 ext 156

Eric is a Motorcycle enthusiast turned Boater, and has been involved in powersports as soon as his parents let him get on two wheels.
“I’ve been at Hully Gully for just over a year now, and I am honoured to be apart of this team.”

Financial Service Team

Financial Service Team : Amanda
Amanda Employee Image
Name: Amanda Phone Number: (519)685-8045 ext 111
Financial Services & Delivery Center

Amanda has been a long standing employee with Hully Gully and represents the Third Generation of the Collins Family. With a strong background in Customer Service and Financial Services; Amanda helps turn dreams into reality on a regular basis! Amanda also leads many of our Community and Charitable Events and maintains many of our Social Media Platforms.

Financial Service Team : Sarah
Sarah Employee Image
Name: Sarah Phone Number: (519)685-8045 ext 137
Financial Services & Delivery Center

Sarah started working at Hully Gully in 2014, she’s an automotive and Off-Road Enthusiast who loves working with animals, the outdoors, ATVs and Snowmobiles!
With a strong background in Financial Services, Insurance Sales, Customer Service, Automotive and Media Studies. Sarah also looks after many of our Social Media Platforms and is a member of the Hully Gully House Band.


Reception : Tammy
Tammy Employee Image
Name: Tammy Phone Number: (519)685-8045

Tammy joins the Hully Gully team with 8+ years of Automotive & Marine experience.

She has volunteered for Scouts Canada for 19 years.

Tammy always has a positive attitude and will brighten your day when you visit or call the store.

Customer Liaison

Customer Liaison : Marjorie
Marjorie Employee Image
Name: Marjorie Phone Number: 519-685-8045 Speciality: Customer Care

Marjorie joined Hully Gully in 2004 and works in our Customer Development Department. You may also occasionally see her as you enter the Showroom where she will be happy to answer any questions you may have. She does all of our follow up to make certain you were taken care of properly.


Accounting : Lorrie
Lorrie Employee Image
Name: Lorrie Phone Number: 519-685-8045 ext 145 Speciality: Accounts Payable & Receivable

Lorrie joined Hully Gully in 2008 with a strong background in Accounts Payable. She worked for 15 years in the Power Equipment business before joining our team. Also known around the workplace as the “social committee”, Lorrie loves to organize FUN whenever possible!