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Stock Number: 0016-7E616

GREAT DEAL on a Ultra Wide and Deep ‘Big Tiller’! Must be seen to appreciate! There’s something a little bit different about Princecraft DLX anglers.. When you think about it, maybe it’s the glint in the eye of anglers who know that their carefully designed, solidly built H36 aluminum boat will last a long, long time. DLX anglers enjoy the impeccable finishing, perfect ergonomics, and loads of storage space. But above all, they enjoy fabulous fishing throughout the season. Upgrades include: Snap down cover, Min Kota Trolling motor Galvanized Trailer 50 HP Mercury Big Tiller handle Upgrade Full Vinyl flooring Live well, bilge pump, running lights… CLEAR OUT PRICE!!!! Get pre-aproved today with our in house finance team.

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Engine Size: 6cc
Stock Number: 1800A00087

A New Way To Go Everywhere. Maybe you want a touring bike that’s like nothing else out there. Maybe you want a cruiser that’s not a cookie–cutter clone. Maybe you just want a bike that’s big enough to take you wherever you want to go, and do it in comfort and style, with plenty of class and independence. If that’s what you’re after, Honda’s Gold Wing F6B is your kind of bike. Big, smooth, powerful. The Gold Wing F6B uses technology gathered from our own Honda Gold Wing, a bike that’s set the standards in Luxury Touring for the last 40 years. But the F6B is lighter, trimmer and leaner. You’re going to find that it’s perfect for around-town rides, shorter trips or weekend getaways. You’re also going to find that it will blow away just about any conventional cruiser in terms of looks and commanding presence—not to mention on-road performance. You asked for it, so here it is. With plenty of storage capacity and with many of the Gold Wing’s comfort and luxury features, the F6B is ready to take you wherever adventure calls. Isn’t it about time you answer? Come to Hully Gully in London today to see this ride anywhere smooth Cruiser. Sale Price is plus 13% HST and Licensing only.

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2016 Honda VFR1200FA – $15,959.00 + HST
Stock Number: 1200-00007

Explore Your World You probably know someone like this. Maybe it’s your brother-in-law, or your neighbor, or some guy at your workplace. He’s always telling you what he’s going to do . . . but he never really does anything. But there’s another kind of guy too—someone who turns every day into something that’s fun. Every weekend he comes back with a story to tell, even if he never crossed a state line. Honda’s new VFR®1200X is built for people who know adventure isn’t someplace you go, it’s what you do getting there. It’s an excellent machine for exploring the world around you, and doing it in comfort, confidence, and style. Sporty, athletic, nimble enough for around-town cruising or tight winding back roads, it’s also big enough to reel in those highway miles, and see the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the Alamo all in the same trip. Where will a new 2016 Honda VFR1200X take you? Wherever adventure calls. WE FINANCE AND TAKE ANYTHING ON TRADE IN BOATS/BIKES/ATV”S

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2017 Yamaha Sidewinder LTX-SE – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 1000-00966

MSRP $17899 L-TX SE is a good option for aggressive trail riders who like to push the limits of their suspension. The L-TX SE offers premium adjustable FOX Zero RC front shocks, for no compromise bump performance when the going gets rough. The Genesis Turbo high performance 4-stroke triple, serves up the most power per pound of any other sled in its class to add to the excitement. A Ripsaw 2 track and new Tuner 3 skis hook it up with balanced authority and a coupled skid frame and wide A-arm front end keep things flat and predictable when pushed. IHI Turbo Unit • Nickle alloy body • Iconel blades • Quality ceramic ball bearing New Genesis Turbo Engine • Industry’s highest horsepower • Yamaha engineered for no lag • Engine component designs specific for turbo Triple Throttle Bodies • Unique Yamaha Technology • Balanced Intake • Instant response Don’t miss out in on this years 200 hp sled. Ultimate 4 stroke factory turbo sled. We Finance and take anything on trade in Boats/Bikes/ATV’s FRT & PDI extra

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2017 Yamaha SR VIPER RTX-SE – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 1000-001010

MSRP $16099 When you choose a snowmobile with 129 track length, nothing is more important than speed and precision on the trail. It’s why the SRViper R-TX SE has garnered rave reviews since its inception. Yamaha’s potent Genesis High Performance triple provides a broad, reliable grunt while the SRV chassis is one of the most highly rated on the trail, or track. A Camoplast 1.25 Rip Saw II track offers some of the best traction on snow. Yamaha Genesis High Performance Engine •3 cylinder •Yamaha YVXC clutch •41mm fuel injection •10 gal (37L) fuel capacity Yamaha Tuner Skis •Dart reduction pattern •Multiple carbide set-up options Fox 1.5 Zero RC front shock absorbers • Single rebound damping adjuster • Affects both rebound and compression in one step • HP gas with pre-load adjustable coil-over springs FRT & PDI extra

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2017 Yamaha SR VIPER LTX-SE – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 1000A00189

MSRP $15999 Long track snowmobiles continue to proliferate on North American snowmobile trails. Longer suspension travel and a larger footprint can mean a more compliant ride and increased horsepower transfer. So when the SRViper L-TX SE uses the High Performance Genesis engine and SRV chassis, with a 137 Fox suspended skid, there is no shortage of power, agility and response. 3 cylinder • Yamaha YVXC clutch • 41mm fuel injection • 10 gal (37L) fuel capacity Yamaha Tuner Skis • Dart reduction pattern • Multiple carbide set-up options •Dual keel design FRT & PDI extra

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2017 Yamaha RS VECTOR – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 0900-00534

MSRP $13,999 Yamaha’s Vector maintains a glittering reputation thanks to 3 main reasons. A reliable, over-achieving engine, innovative technologies like EPS and Tuner skis, and the ability to compete with any sled, even those out of its class. Also, the RS Vector gets some technology with Yamaha’s YCC-T engine management system for optimized fuel delivery while Fox FLOAT 3 XV rear shock and Yamaha’s ‘Single Shot’ Air 129 soften the ride. Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle • 3-Mode drive selection – Sport, Touring, Entry • Fuel-injected Speed and Torque Sensitive • Better handling • Reduces rider fatigue Dart reduction pattern • Multiple carbide set-up options • Deep keel design FRT & PDI extra

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Stock Number: 1000-00349

JUST REDUCED FOR RED TAG SALE ON NOW TO JULY 31/2017 NO FRT/NO PDI When size, weight, power, and maneuverability come into balance, you find yourself in a zone where time just disappears. Stay the course because there is no road the all-new V-Strom 1000 ABS Adventure was not made to conquer. This motorcycle makes the journey of life seamless. Conquer city traffic as easy as you scale mountains. Roar down new highways. Explore your taste for discovery on roads long untraveled. Starting now, the planet is your neighborhood. If you’re looking for an unforgettable sport-adventure, there’s no better machine than the new V-Strom 1000 SE. With sleek side cases, hand guards & center stand it takes versatility to a new level. It boasts the same exceptional performance as the original V-Strom 1000 ABS*, with a Suzuki fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin engine tuned for incredible low-end and mid-range torque. It also has a lightweight chassis and advanced suspension to provide crisp handling even on tight back roads. When you reach the open highway, the V-Strom 1000 SE excels. Its smooth engine performance, aerodynamic windshield and ergonomic riding position make it one of the finest sport-touring machines available. With the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 SE, Sport-adventure is yours for the taking. WE FINANCE AND TAKE ANYTHING ON TRADE IN BOATS/BIKES/ATV’S 5 YR WARRANTY INCLUDED

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2017 Yamaha RS VENTURE – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 0900-19052

MSRP $11,799 The carbureted base model RSVenture has enjoyed a lengthy run by providing a quality touring model at an attractive price. This is a snowmobile that won’t let you down, when the name of the game is big miles in a comfortable ride. For you and your passenger, the RSVenture is the two-up that makes sense year after year Dart reduction pattern • Multiple carbide set-up options •Great ride comfort for 1 or 2 people •Adjustable torsion springs • Adjustable back-rest •Plush king queen seating FRT & PDI extra

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2016 Honda CBR600RA – $10,999.00 + HST
Stock Number: 0600-00040

MSRP$13,799 NOW ONLY $10,999 RED TAG SALE NO FRT NO PDI TILL JULY 31/2017 Racy performance Liquid-cooled DOHC 16-valve 599 cc inline-four engine features oversquare bore and stroke dimensions of 67 mm x 42.5 mm, which contributes to its high Extreme redline High-revving engine redlines at 15,000 rpm. The cylinder head features angled valve insets to improve airflow. Two springs per intake valve and one spring per exhaust valve, plus direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation, help to ensure optimum high-rpm valve operation and durability. A double-pivot cam-chain tensioner provides additional durability WE FINANCE AND TAKE ANYTHING ON TRADE IN BOATS/BIKES/ATV’S

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2017 Yamaha VENTURE MULTI PURPOSE – Get Pre Approved Today!
Stock Number: 0500-23180

MSRP $11,699 Working in the snow is a way of life for many people. When you need a snowmobile that can provide long hours of service at an attractive price, the Venture MP hits it out of the park. Standard towing hitch, a large footprint and roomy rear rack provide the practical touches, while the Genesis Sport Performance engine gives the reliability to go to even the most remote location. 2 Cylinder • 499cc • Yamaha YXRC clutch • 43mm fuel-injection • 8.7 gal (32.9L) fuel capacity Camoplast Ripsaw • 16 x 144 x 1.25 • 12.3 travel Tall windshield • Standard tow hitch • Rear storage rack FRT & PDI extra

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Stock Number: 0600-00918

MSRP $12,299 SAVE $2300 RED TAG SALE ON NOW TILL JULY 31/2017 INCLUDES 5 YR WARRANTY The Suzuki GSX-R600 continues its dominance in the AMA Pro Road Racing series, taking all 600cc championships in 2012 – including the Daytona Sportbike, Supersport West, and Supersport East. This further solidifies the GSX-R600 as part of a race-winning line of motorcycles from coast to coast. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Suzuki GSX-R brand, the GSX-R family comes dressed in Suzuki’s 30th Anniversary paint scheme. These exclusive colours express Suzuki’s spirit and passion for racing, while paying tribute to the Suzuki’s GSX-R history. In 2012, Suzuki celebrated the 1 millionth produced GSX-R motorcycle, a feat only accomplished with the support of fans, race teams, and dealers worldwide. To earn the rights as the top performer in its class, the GSX-R600 is developed with: an advanced race-proven 599cc, 4-cylinder, and liquid-cooled engine; a responsive, agile, and lightweight chassis; compact wheelbase; and race-developed suspension. In short, the GSX-R600 has once again proven to be the winning combination to Own The Racetrack. WE FINANCE AND TAKE ANYTHING ON TRADE IN BOATS/BIKES/ATV’S

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