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Stock Number: 1584-07377

Upgraded stereo & exhaust. If body art is a reliable indicator, probably no other brand of motorcycle in the history of the sport enjoys the devoted following of Harley-Davidson. After all, if you’ve got The Motor Company’s legendary bar-and-shield logo emblazoned on your shoulder, how could you ever ride anything else? Harley hit a sweet spot in 1984 with the debut of the Evolution V-twin engine, and now the single-cam, eight-valve Milwaukee-Eight in 107 and 114 displacements powers most Big Twins, including 10 Softail models and an equal number of touring machines, the latter outfitted from the factory with locking hard saddlebags. The broader Harley-Davidson motorcycle lineup ranges from the sub-$7K Street 500 to a trio of ultra-exclusive CVO factory customs with their powerful 117ci engines, so be sure to check out all of the 2019 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including the low-slung Sportster Forty-Eight and hot-handling FXDR 114.

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Engine Size: 500cc

Offering a fresh take on custom cool, the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 mix old- and new-school style and are engaging and fun to ride, with an outlook geared toward firing the imagination of a younger generation of riders. Development for both models began in the U.S., with the objective of referencing a timeless look while also introducing a forward-thinking, contemporary style all their own. Both feature straightforward, minimalist designs with low, lean bobber silhouettes, and are fun to ride slow and fast—great for day trips, jaunts to the coffee shop, or even sporty sessions on winding roads. Accessible, fun to ride, and easy to live with, the models go their own way but are also blank canvases, ready for whatever their owners’ imaginations have in store.

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Engine Size: 1200cc
Stock Number: 1200-05427

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Clean styling lines, chrome trim and eyebrow and a stylized LED taillight combine with a fat, strong stance to give the 1200 Custom an “inyour-face” presence. The front-end suspension and geometry work together to provide truly balanced handling. And, with the H-D1™ factory customization process, customers can personalize their 1200 Custom with seat, handlebar, foot control, wheel, security, paint and engine finish options straight from the factory. The Sportster® 1200 Custom proves, once again, that NO ONE does fat custom like Harley-Davidson.

A wide front end and chunky 16-inch tire give the new Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom a strong and contemporary stance. Introduced as a mid-year addition to the 2012 Harley-Davidson model line-up, the 1200 Custom features new wheels, a pull-back handlebar, and a reshaped LED tail lamp. While these elements combine to give the 1200 Custom an exciting new look, the 1200 Custom also debuts H-D1 factory customization, a new opportunity that allows the customer to choose from seven option categories to optimize fit, function and style. By selecting from available factory-installed wheels, handlebars, seats, paint, foot control position, security system, and engine finish, the customer can create a 1200 Custom that is a truly personalized motorcycle.

The 1200 Custom offers a new look but is Sportster to the core, while offering a combination of bold styling, nimble handling and the irresistible beat of American V-Twin performance.

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Stock Number: 0900-65996

Drawing from both current and classic motorcycle styling influences, the 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom and Custom Special Edition cruisers are a distinctive mix of back-in-the-day style and up-to-date imagery; an aggressive flat handlebar and forward footpegs.

Stylish cast wheels, including a solid-look rear wheel, complete the classic V-twin look. And the 180-series rear tire, the largest in its class, accentuates its big bike style. But you won’t pay big bike bucks to get this affordable middleweight motorcycle.

These stylish Kawasaki motorcycles have more to offer than just good looks. Like its siblings, the Vulcan 900 Custom has a fuel-injected 903cc engine that produces descent roll-on acceleration not quote rivaling the get-up-and-go of much larger motorcycles, yet it’s wrapped in a nimble chassis that lets it turn and handle more easily than a heavyweight motorcycle.

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1999 Yamaha Virago – $1499.00 + HST
Engine Size: 0cc

Looks good, sounds good.BEING SOLD IN “AS IS CONDITION”.

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2014 Honda CTX700T – $5599.00 + HST

The open road has never looked more inviting than when youre rolling along on the all new 2014 Honda CTX700T. Made for travel with an efficient fairing and windscreen up front, the CTX700T boasts features that make it an ideal partner for exploring all that the open road can offer. It starts with great rider accommodations, thanks in large part to a comfy seat thats only 719 mm (28.3 inches) high a full 71 mm (2.8 inches) lower than the NC700S! The long-stroke 670cc engine with its twin cylinders canted 62 degrees forward for better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity for nimble handling. The CTX700T comes equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS) and an easy shifting 6-speed manual transmission. With its strong low-end torque, light and nimble handling, roomy riding accommodations and smooth engine, the CTX700T excels at long-range travel, but these qualities also make it a terrific weekend warrior or daily rider. Get out and see that destination youve wanted to visiton the all new Honda CTX700T.

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Stock Number: 1500A00177

Following an easy to anticipate existence, the 2009 Suzuki C90 and C90T models uncover their Boulevard DNA from the very first time you lay your eyes on them or on their specs sheet. They may look like refined locomotives (which isn’t necessarily bad), but the engine is a fuel-injected 1,462cc, air-cooled, OHC, 45-degree V-Twin so there’s plenty to expect from that. Like on any two-wheeled long hauler, there is a five-speed constant mesh transmission and shaft drive so our expectations are met successfully.

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2017 Honda CB500XA – $5999.00 + HST
Stock Number: 0500b00081

Although not really an adventure bikeit sports 17-inch wheels and street tires at both endsthe 2017 Honda CB500X has the look of an adventure machine.
This is a motorcycle for the rider who wants the adventure look, including the roomy upright seating position and a long-distance 4.6-gallon fuel tank.

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Stock Number: 0950A15501

The 942cc 60-degree V-Twin may look like your regular air-cooled V-Twin, but it features much technology significant to the Star name: four-valve cylinder heads, ceramic-composite-lined cylinders, forged aluminum pistons, and of course fuel injection.

The Star’s motor breaths through a tuned, 2-into-1 exhaust system with that big cruiser rumble, and also 3-way catalyst technology to reduce air pollution.

The smaller 950 V-Twin is contained in a full-sized chassis with a 26.6-inch seat, the low seat height adding to the overall low look of the V Star Tourer.And if you’d rather tour than cruise, the V Star 950 Tourer features leather-wrapped hard sidebags, a passenger backrest and a big-cruiser windshield.

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2016 Honda Fury – $11999.00 + HST
Engine Size: 1300cc
Stock Number: 1300B00039

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Not Just a Chopper. A Honda.

Theres no mistaking that the Fury is all about the way it looks, sounds and feelsand the way all these sensations make you feel when youre riding it. But like all Hondas, the Fury is also a showcase of engineering, boasting innovative features like Programmed Fuel Injection, custom-cast wheels, specially designed shaft drive and, of course, that monster 1312cc V-twin engine. Call it the perfect marriage of style and substance.
Features & Options
1312cc liquid-cooled, 52º V-twin engine
Low 26.9-inch seat height
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

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Engine Size: 805cc

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2008 Honda VTX1800 VTX1800F $11999.00 + HST
Engine Size: 1800cc

For those who favor a cruiser with sporty high-performance styling, the VTX1800F blends custom looks with big V-twin power.

Part dragbike, part boulevard bad boy, the 2008 Honda VTX1800F’s styling is all about performance, with a low profile, straight bars and chopped fenders.

Stripped down and ready for action, the VTX1800F gives you the radical look of a classic retro dragster. Check out the long twin pipes, the low two-piece saddle with removable passenger section, the wide semi-swept handlebar, and the recessed LED taillight tucked under the straight-cut rear fender. And you can’t miss the fat radial tires wrapped around gorgeous race-style cast wheels. Best of all, the VTX1800F backs up its handsome looks with amazing performance, thanks in part to a high-tech 1,795 cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine with fuel injection.

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Engine Size: 1800cc
Stock Number: 1800C00275

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· Powerful new fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine produces smooth, effortless power-118 bhp and 125 lb./ft. of torque-while meeting the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2008 emissions standards.
· Beautiful multi-box-section aluminum dual-spar frame assembly is 11.5 kilograms lighter than the previous steel design. Engineered with a Pro Arm® single-side cast aluminum swingarm, the 2001 Gold Wing sets new class standards for handling.
· Honda’s proven Linked Braking System® (LBS®) provides superb braking power in a wide range of operating conditions.
· Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) for even better control during hard braking.
· All-new anti-dive system minimizes front fork dive when braking.
· New, computer-controlled adjustable hydraulic rear suspension preload.
· Redesigned slow-speed electric reverse system.
· All-new, lightweight electronic cruise control system.
· Remote control operates trunk and locks/unlocks trunk and saddlebags.
· State-of-the-art audio system with optional CD player.
· A complete line of bolt-on accessories and appearance items.

· The exhaustively tested 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine is nearly 1.1 kilograms lighter than the previous design.
· Low, forward engine placement and solid engine mounting produce excellent road handling characteristics and impressive low-speed maneuverability.
· Parallel two-valve cylinder head design utilizes direct, shim-under-bucket valve actuation and requires no 1000 kilometres service; the first valve clearance inspection is at 50,000 kilometres.
· Silent-type camshaft chains with automatic adjusters provide reliable, maintenance-free operation.
· 6.9-litre airbox supplies a large volume of cool clean air to the engine.
· Two 40mm-diameter throttle bodies deliver air to six, specially-designed Keihin® 50-psi high-pressure fuel injectors. Fuel is delivered through four nozzle tips in each injector, producing an atomized fuel mixture that is highly combustible, for optimum efficiency and power.
· Electronic CPU provides two digital 3-D fuel injection maps for each cylinder and one digital 3-D ignition map for each cylinder, creating ideal fuel mixture and spark advance settings for superb rideability. Unique knock-control sensor monitors ignition advance to improve performance throughout the entire rpm range.
· CPU-controlled, closed-loop emission control system utilizes two oxygen sensors to constantly deliver a precise, air/fuel mixture while two exhaust catalyzers reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides further.
· Rotary Air Control Valve™ (RACV) provides auto-choke function and maintains precise idle control under widely varying engine loads and operating temperatures.
· High-pressure-formed, sintered iron Nickalloy™ crankshaft bearing caps provide quiet engine operation throughout the engine’s operating temperature range.
· Compact water pump is mounted behind the engine and is driven directly by the crankshaft, reducing complexity and weight while contributing to quicker engine warm-up.
· Engine cooling system features a series-flow coolant flow pattern that improves cold-start rideability and provides rapid engine warm-up.
· Two side-mounted radiators improve cooling efficiency and use low-air-pressure areas created by side cowls to draw cooling air through the radiators and around the rider at highway speeds. Below 25 km/h, thermostat-controlled fans pull cooling air across the radiators into the fairing, keeping hot air away from the rider.
· Sturdy eight plate clutch with maintenance-free, hydraulically-assisted clutch.
· Efficient, stainless steel six-into-two exhaust system produces a pleasing, powerful sound.
· Powerful, 1100-watt alternator uses a dual-damper system to minimize alternator noise.
· Precise-shifting five-speed transmission includes overdrive fifth.

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Stock Number: 1600-15335

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Kawasaki’s Nomad™ has always been a popular choice among touring-cruiser enthusiasts. However, the current Nomad builds on the original concept with significantly more power and comfort than the original. Highlighted by a stronger frame and excellent power from a 95 cubic inch V-Twin, the Nomad offers extensive touring features, a stylish appearance and excellent riding dynamics.

A gear-driven engine counter balancer and well-designed engine mounts reduce handlebar and floorboard vibration, yet these features do not interfere with the engine’s distinctive V-twin rumble or power-pulse feeling from its single-pin crankshaft.

The 1600 Nomad’s steering geometry is designed so that the motorcycle feels more neutral at low speeds, as when maneuvering in parking lots, while an air-adjustable rear suspension allows the Nomad to maintain that correct geometry when loaded with a passenger and luggage.


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Engine Size: 1100cc
Stock Number: 1100A00087

TEXT US 519-685-8045

Its cast-aluminum wheels deliver 1100ccs of chrome-polished V-twin power to the asphalt. The classic Shadow Sabre is definitive proof that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Cruiser riders in search of class-leading high performance and unrivaled street-rod styling need look no further than the Honda Shadow Sabre.
– New Black/Flame color joins classic Black.
– The Shadow Sabre’s engine pumps out class-leading low-end and mid-range power for superb acceleration and gratifying roll-on performance.
– The engine’s broad power delivery provides spirited performance and exceptional rideability around town or on the open road.
– Rubber-mounted engine with offset-dual-pin crankshaft provides perfect primary balance, enhances engine smoothness and delivers superior rider comfort.
– Three-valve cylinder head design utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder for efficient combustion and high power at all rpm.
– Maintenance-free hydraulic valve-lash adjusters eliminate routine valve adjustments.
– Other maintenance-free features include digital ignition and automatic cam-chain tensioners.
– Dual 36mm CV carburetors offer crisp throttle response at all rpm.
– Reliable electric-starter system.
– Extensive chrome finishing of engine parts includes crankcase covers, clutch cover and left-rear engine cover.
– Black-finished crankcases and cylinders with buffed fin edges complete the custom street-rod look.
– Chromed dual-exhaust system enhances appearance and produces throaty exhaust note.
– Reliable five-speed transmission with carefully selected gear ratios to maximize acceleration.

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Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 0800-00051

See this now at Hully Gully in London Ontario where we take anything on trade.

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2019 Suzuki M109RZ BOSS – $16087.00 + HST
Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 1800-00443

See this now at Hully Gully in London Ontario where we take anything on trade.

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2017 Honda Other NM4 $9999.00 + HST
Engine Size: 750cc
Stock Number: 0750E00012

If you’ve ever wanted to transport yourself into the future, this is your machine. By design, the NM4 shakes up the status quo and explodes conventional barriers in order to attract a whole new segment of forward-thinking riders to motorcycling. Beneath its futuristic bodywork there’s a 670cc (745cc European model), liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with four valves per cylinder, automatic dual-clutch transmission and ABS. Storage pockets in the fairing plus saddlebags add real-world utility, and the rear turn signals are neatly integrated into the rear bags. The rider settles easily onto a comfy seat that’s perched a low, 25.6 inches off the ground, and there’s also a cool and practical rider backrest feature—the passenger seat flips up and can be set at three different angles and slides fore and aft to one of four positions. Full LED lighting lets the NM4 stand out whether it’s coming or going, the fat, 200mm rear tire imparts a cool look, and the meter display can be illuminated in any of 25 different color choices—nearly one for every day of the month.

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2018 Suzuki VL800 – $9318.00 + HST
Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 0800A00478

See this 2018 Suzuki Boulevard VL800 now at Hully Gully, in London Ontario, where we take anything on trade !

Throaty rumble with refined efficiency. Laid-back riding style with plush comfort. Rich paintwork and glittering chrome over precision engineering. Every inch crafted to deliver an irresistible combination of genuine, traditional cruiser experience and refined modern technology. That’s SUZUKI BOULEVARD C50.

One word comes to mind to describe the Suzuki Boulevard C50 – classic. The C50 is a cruiser that offers classic styling, unmatched comfort, and excellent performance. With kicked out front ends, wide handlebars, smooth suspension, and well-cushioned seating; Suzuki’s design team has the rider’s comfort in mind. The C50 boasts a fuel-injected, 45-degree, V-twin engine that cranks out 805cc that generates abundant torque down low and matched by exciting top-end performance.

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Stock Number: 0650-00363

The Boulevard S40 features a 652cc, SOHC, single-cylinder four-stroke engine with TSCC (Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers) cylinder head and high mass crankshaft that produces strong low-end power and torque.

An electric Starter with automatic decompression system provides quick, easy engine starting.

A precision electronic ignition system.

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Engine Size: 250cc
Stock Number: 0250-0672

249cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder, 60 degree, V-twin.
authentic, air-cooled V-Twin engine design
long stroke engine design means lots of low end torque
very linear, novice friendly power delivery
SOHC, 2-valve cylinder heads.
tradition & simple 2- valve design
basic rocker arm valve actuation… simple design that is easy to maintain / adjust
chromed head covers add style
Air-cooled engine design.
excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery
cooling fins have been designed for good cooling even in stop & go traffic
simple, classic design
Automatic cam chain tensioners reduce mechanical noise & simplify maintenance.
Traditional “bore-able” cylinder.
in the event of an issue, cylinder can be over bored
Forged aluminum pistons.
less reciprocating mass for fast engine response
reduced mechanical vibration for excellent reliability
Single pin style crankshaft.
design accentuates V-twin engine character, pulse feel & sound
Wet sump lubrication system with easy access element type oil filter.
Single Mikuni BDS26 carb.
featuring an accelerator pump for crisp throttle response
convenient handle bar mounted choke lever
excellent fuel economy
Classic, chromed air box
houses an easy access, washable (re-useable) foam air filter
washable design reduces tune-up costs

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Stock Number: 0800B00209

Narrow 805cc, fuel injected, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four-valve-per-cylinder, 45-degree V-twin engine is tuned for exceptional low RPM torque.

Digitally tuned with throttle-position sensors to provide even more low-end torque from the big V-Twin engine.

Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) electronic fuel-injection system maintains optimum air velocity in the intake tract for smooth low-to mid-RPM throttle response.

Suzuki Pulsed-secondary Air-Injection system (PAIR) introduces air into the exhaust ports to ignite unburned hydrocarbons and reduce emissions.

Auto Fast Idle System (AFIS) automatically sets the throttle valve opening during cold engine starts by monitoring coolant temperature.

Chromed and staggered dual-exhaust system mounted on the right side of the engine provides a deep, rumbling exhaust note and strong torque.

Offset crankpins bring optimally balanced firing intervals.

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Engine Size: 650cc
Stock Number: 0650A00087


Updated, 645cc, 90-degree V-Twin engine features a boost in torque in the low to mid-RPM range, but retains a strong rush of high RPM power that’s ideal for any riding mission.

Addition of Suzuki’s rider-adjustable Traction Control* system, Easy Start system, Low RPM Assist feature, plus ABS* technology makes a great motorcycle, really incredible.

New Multi-function, illumination adjustable Instrument Panel brings a wealth of information to the rider in a concise manner and helps with setting rider-assist features.

New fairing, with vertically stacked headlights, adjustable windshield, and iconic Suzuki DR-Big styling adds true adventure style and real-world function.

Redesigned chassis has integrated mount points for unified Suzuki V-Strom luggage that’s is easy to clip on and off, and keeps the motorcycle trim when ready for touring.

Ready for real adventure, the V-Strom 650XT has aluminum, spoke-style wheels with tubeless radial dual-sport tires, hand guards, and a protective lower engine cowl.

Standard equiped with Hand Gaurds and Under Cowl.

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Engine Size: 1854cc
Stock Number: 1900-00059

1854cc (113 cubic inch) air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 -valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin with EFI
6-speed transmission with over drive 5th & 6th gears & heavy duty hydraulic assist & slipper clutch
Cable-less Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T)
Yamaha’s D-Mode variable throttle control system & traction control
Yamaha’s electronic cruise control system
ABS & UBS equipped brakes
Yamaha’s Smart Key system
7″ infotainment system (additional expense for selected Infotainment features)
Stylish frame-mounted fairing with LED headlights & shorty “bagger style” windshield
Over 70 litres of storage capacity
Super comfortable, heated, 1 piece rider & passenger seat (10 levels of heat settings available)
25 litre fuel tank
5 Year Warranty Coverage (One year limited factory warranty + Four years Yamaha Protection Plus (YPP). Certain exclusions apply, see terms of each for details.)

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Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 1500A00043

A 1462cc long-stroke, four-valve DOHC, V-Twin engine features single overhead cams provides massive torque delivery and efficient fuel economy.

Specialized chrome exhaust system fed from equal length headers produce a meaty V-Twin rumble.

Suzuki’s class-leading electronic fuel injection system features the Dual Throttle Value (SDTV) as well as an engine management system to provide smooth throttle response and fuel efficiency.

Utilizes nitride Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) to provide strong and smooth chrome on the upper compression and oil control piston rings to reduce friction and improve sealing.

Dual spark plugs for each cylinder contribute to proper ignition and efficient fuel economy.

Effective engine management system and emissions control measures allow the M90 to meet the latest emission standards.

A spring loaded scissor type split primary drive gear mounted on the crankshaft also reduces mechanical noise.

Suzuki’s proven PAIR system uses a solenoid valve controlled by the engine management system to inject fresh air from the airbox into the exhaust ports, igniting any unburned hydrocarbons and reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

Each aluminum alloy cylinder is plated with SCEM nickel phosphorus silicon carbide coating which reduces friction and increases heat transfer, durability and ring sealing.
Aluminum-alloy slipper pistons have cutaway sides to reduce friction and each piston carries three rings.

An Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) system regulates the amount of air fed into the throttle body idle circuits, improving cold starting, reducing cold start emissions and stabilizing engine idle under varying conditions.

To reduce mechanical noise, each cylinder head’s cam cover is separated from the cam bearing caps, and a rubber gasket is used between the cylinder head and the cam cover.

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Stock Number: 1000-00345

Comes with SE saddle bags installed & 5 yr warranty
Liquid-cooled, 1037cc, 90-degree V-Twin engine delivers strong engine performance while achieving world-wide emissions requirements without any reduction in horsepower.

A new, five-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides vehicle special information to the innovative Motion Track Anti-lock* & Combined Brake System.

Refined multi-function, illumination-adjustable instrument panel delivers a wide range of vehicle information and aids in selecting the Suzuki Traction Control* system modes.

Sturdy chassis has integrated mounting points for unified Suzuki V-Strom luggage thats is easy to clip on and off, and keeps the motorcycle trim when ready for touring.

New fairing styling retains the vertically stacked headlights, new adjustable windshield, and iconic Suzuki DR-Big styling that brings true adventure style and real-world function.

Standard equiped with Hand Guards and Under Cowl.
We finance and take anything on trade in boats/bikes/ATV’s

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Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 1584A30653

See this 2008 Harley Davidson Fat Bob now at Hully Gully, in London Ontario where we take anything on trade.

A massive new presence in the Dyna family, FXDF Dyna Fat Bob takes factory-custom styling in a bold, new direction. The dual headlamps mounted between polished triple-clamps are a signature Fat Bob element. Chunky new tires front and rear are mounted on 16-inch Slotted Cast Aluminum wheels.

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2009 Yamaha XVS950 – $5099.00 + HST
Stock Number: 0950-00637

Throw a leg over the saddle, lift the bike off the sidestand, settle into the commodious seat, turn the key, push the button-Baroom! Good sound, not too loud. Pull in the left lever, left toe snicks the gearbox into first, a little throttle while you let out the clutch, and smooth as a hot knife through cold butter you’re away. Could be the start of a 30-mile commute to work. Or cruising Main Street on Saturday evening. Or going to Grandma’s house for Sunday lunch. Or heading to Mount Rushmore a thousand miles away. That’s what Yamaha’s V Star 950 Tourer is for-easy traveling, short trip or long.

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Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 1450-45803

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See this 2004 Harley Davidson now at Hully Gully, in London Ontario where we take anything on trade !

The Softail® Standard is classically and conservatively styled so owners can customize from mild to wild with Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts & Accessories. Many have referred to the Softail® Standard as the perfect canvas on which customers can paint their most personalized bike. At its heart is the Twin Cam 88B™ ™engine, filled with smooth power. Underneath is the unique suspension, which provides the clean lines of a hardtail with the smooth ride of the Softail®. Classic laced wheels, a custom seat and wide handlebars on pull-back risers, give the Softail® Standard an authentic look that’s just the starting point for many owners.

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Engine Size: 0cc
Stock Number: 1584-27091

See this 2010 Harley Davidson Fat Bob now at Hully Gully, in London, Ontario.

A Big Twin with big attitude, the Dyna® Fat Bob® leads with a brawny front end topped with dual head lights, rolls on chunky tires, and exits with a flip of its bobtail rear fender.

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Stock Number: 0650-00336

A timeless design that has remained strong over the years. The lightweight responsiveness of the Boulevard S40 enhances the amount joy you’ll have cruising down the highway and beyond the city limits. The S40 utilizes a strong single-cylinder engine that provides exciting low-end to mid-range torque and rock solid reliability. At cruising speeds, you’ll really appreciate the ride quality of the S40’s suspension.

This gleaming beauty is what custom cruising all about. The SUZUKI BOULEVARD S40’s high torque, produced by its powerful engine, is fully utilized by a wide 5-speed transmission and low-maintenance belt drive. A large crankshaft delivers more stable power at low revs to ensuresmooth running. Narrow frame, teardrop-shape tank, and lots of chrome complete the custom-cruiser look.

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Stock Number: 0800A00090

The Suzuki Boulevard M50 is a modern cruiser with cutting-edge performance while retaining its classic looks. It features our advanced fuel-injected 805cc V-twin engine which delivers a robust, responsive power. The M50’s sleek styling — including slash-cut mufflers, a hard-tail design and low-rise bars — promises aggressive performance that delivers. Better yet, the M50 has precise handling and exceptional ride quality, especially when you’re out for a long ride.

Cutting-edge performance-cruiser look featuring sleek lines and gleaming details. Advanced fuel-injected 805cm3 V-Twin delivering robust, responsive power. SUZUKI BOULEVARD M50, sharing the exciting styling and technology of its larger-displacement brothers, looks right, and performs right.

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2018 Suzuki TU250X – $4899.00 + HST
Engine Size: 250cc
Stock Number: 0250-00427

Come to Hully Gully in London today to see this retro looking starter Bike. The TU-250 has a 5 year no charge Warranty from Suzuki. We have an in house Finance Team here at the store and we take anything on trade.
The 2018 Suzuki TU250X revitalizes the retro cruiser style while matching modern design and efficiency. This classically styled motorcycle comes with spoked wheels, a round headlight and a low-slung tapered muffler. Don’t let the retro-look fool you, though—at its heart is a modern, fuel-injected single-cylinder Suzuki engine. This complete package is a classic standard motorcycle that matches modern conveniences and reliable performance with a fuel-efficient ride.

The TU250 is an economical, user-friendly standard motorcycle with high-quality features and traditional style, coupled with modern engine performance

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