$9,094.00 + HST
Model:GSX1300R Hayabusa
Stock Number:1300-00837
Exterior Colour:BLUE
Transmission:6 Speed
Cooling System:Liquid Cooled

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The Ultimate Sport Bike…

More than a decade ago, Suzuki developed a machine so unique that it instantly attracted a devoted following around the world. Like its namesake, the Japanese peregrine falcon, the Hayabusa is famed for cutting through the air with incredible agility and performance.

Through countless engineering refinements of the original design, the Hayabusa spirit has endured. Its incomparable performance delivers a fun and sporty ride at any speed, setting the bar high for rivals and defining the “Ultimate Sport Bike.” The radically original yet timeless styling also reflects the spirit of the person who owns a Hayabusa. Its sensational power, speed, smooth ride and overwhelming presence continue to fascinate owners and onlookers alike. Because the Hayabusa is, and always will be, the ultimate sport bike.
Come to Hully Gully in London today to see this nice Super Sport Bike complete with an aftermarket exhaust. We have an in house Finance Team here at the store to help you with your payment options and we take anything on trade.

10/05/2018 18:10:18
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