Stock Number:0250C00332
Transmission:6 Speed
Cooling System:Liquid Cooled

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Do it All, and Have Fun Doing It
If motorcycling is all about freedom, then the CRF250L is one of the best bikes on the planet. Dirt trails, gravel roads, city streets, open highwaysthe CRF250L is your loyal traveling company for all of them.
If motorcycling is all about practicality, the CRF250L is still one of the best choices you can make. Awesome fuel economy. Tough, go-anywhere construction. A simple, reliable single-cylinder Honda engine with a wide powerband. An upright seating position thats comfortable for a wide range of riders, from short to tall, beginner to expert.
And if motorcycling is all about fun, well the CRF250L is a knockout. Light, narrow, and able to take you just about anywhere a motorcycle can, we dare you to ride one and not come back with a huge smile in your helmet.
Look, no matter what you think a motorcycle should be, the CRF250L is a bike were sure youll enjoy. And the more you ride one, the more youll agree.

10/05/2018 21:14:51
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