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New flangeless 13 litre fuel tank
Blacked out, 942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve per cylinder, fuel injected, 60° V-twin power plant pumps out impressive power & torque. Maximum torque is reached at 3,000 rpms, for relaxed cruising performance.
SOHC, pent-roof, 4-valve cylinder heads.
4-valve design optimizes breathing efficiency & overall engine performance at all rpms
31.5 mm intake & 28 mm exhaust valves use friction reducing single valve springs
compact pent roof combustion chamber design & optimized squish area forces the fuel / air mixture toward the centre of the combustion chamber for more complete combustion & excellent power with reduced emissions
25,000 km valve adjustment intervals
Specially designed roller rockers activate the valves.
Y shaped roller rocker arms allows a greater amount of valve lift without causing excessive camshaft wear & friction
slipper portion of the rocker arm utilizes a needle bearing for reduced camshaft wear & reduced sliding resistance (friction)
No fuss, traditional air-cooled engine design.
cylinders have a tapered “V” appearance to highlight the V-twin engine design
cooling fins have been optimized for reliable cooling even in stop & go traffic
Automatic cam chain tensioners reduce mechanical noise & simplify maintenance.
“Liner-less”, ceramic composite-plated cylinder bores.
ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum blocks, eliminating the liners & reducing weight
excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery
ceramic coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinder & piston, reducing friction & increasing power
extended cylinder service life
Flat top, lightweight forged aluminum pistons.
less reciprocating mass for fast engine response
reduced mechanical vibration for excellent reliability
Single pin style crankshaft.
design accentuates V-twin engine character, pulse feel & sound

10/11/2018 16:54:46
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