2018 Honda CB1000R CB1000RAJ
$15,177.00 + HST
Stock Number:1000A00020
Exterior Colour:BLACK
Transmission:6 Speed
Cooling System:Liquid Cooled

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Inline Four Engine
The CB1000R’s powerful 998cc DOHC four-cylinder engine uses an architecture and layout proven on Honda’s Superbikes. Forged (not cast) pistons make it as strong as it is powerful.

Slipper/Assist Clutch
This innovative design hooks up tight to get all the CB1000R’s power to the ground, yet still offers a light pull at the clutch lever. Plus, the slipper design helps mitigate wheel hop during aggressive downshifts and deceleration.

Better Breathing
Every athlete knows you gotta breathe to perform. Compared to earlier engine designs in this class, the 2018 CB1000R gets higher valve lift, larger valves, larger diameter inlet ports, and new combustion-chamber shapes to improve gas flow and offer improved torque in midrange.

Special Gearing
We totally refit the 2018 CB1000R’s gearbox with new ratios compared to other bikes we’ve offered in the class. The new, lower gearing emphasizes the bike’s awesome acceleration. Crack the throttle and you’ll feel it instantly.

Four-Into-One Exhaust
On a bike like this, the exhaust system can make a critical difference in power. And since it’s so visible, it also makes a critical contribution to the machine’s style. The CB1000R’s four-into-one system boosts torque at 5,000 RPM and above, saves 10 pounds, and provides the CB1000R with a deeper, more raw exhaust note for added character.

The new CB1000R uses our throttle by wire system. In addition, we’ve given it four riding modes (Standard, Sport, Rain and User). The last one lets you choose between three settings for each parameter, and save the settings.

Honda Selectable Torque Control
A great system that combines the CB1000R’s old-school raw horsepower with a modern power delivery that keeps the bike hooked up and the power flowing under a wide variety of surface conditions.

Huge Rear Tire
In order to get all that engine power to the road, the CB1000R comes with a 190/55 ZR17 rear tire.

Single-Sided Swingarm
The CB1000R features a unique, single-sided swingarm. It’s part of the bike’s excellent handling character, but also contributes a great deal to the way this machine looks.

Powerful Brakes
Dual radial-mount four-piston front calipers bite 310mm floating rotors while the twin-piston rear caliper squeezes a 256mm rear rotor. Plus, front and rear ABS is standard.


10/05/2018 18:02:07
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