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Potent, liquid-cooled, 250cc, DOHC, 4-valve power plant with super light titanium intake valves & electronic fuel injection. This engine out performs its 250cc displacement and offers best in class performance.
Electric starting & automatic decompression system.
easy no hassle starting
decompression system reduces battery power requirements… reducing weight
Lightweight magnesium cylinder head cover reduces weight.
Double overhead cam, 4-valve, compact combustion chamber.
features a compact “pent-roof” combustion chamber design for optimum combustion
maximum breathing efficiency for excellent power output
Lightweight titanium intake valves & load-reduced oval valve springs.
titanium valves reduces reciprocating weight & allows for a higher rpm limit (40% lighter than steel valves)
reduced friction (load reduced) valve springs
faster-revving & smoother power delivery
“Ti” intake valves are 30mm in diameter, steel exhaust valves are 24.5mm
Valve adjustment intervals are every 42,000 kms.
High performance intake & exhaust camshafts
provide outstanding class leading power
cams feature a WPC (Wonder Process Craft) treatment that increases surface hardness for excellent durability & reduced sliding resistance
Downdraft-type straight design intake port.
most efficient intake flow for maximum engine performance
Automatic, hydraulic cam chain tensioner.
reduces maintenance & mechanical engine noise
special cam chain “sliders” reduce internal frictional losses
Lightweight roller bearing style crankshaft.
optimized mass delivers excellent throttle response & strong acceleration

10/11/2018 17:00:27
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